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Bundelkhand Medical College  is one of renowned medical college in Madhyapradesh. Bundelkhand Medical College  is situated at  Sagar Madhya Pradesh . It was established  in 2007 . Dr S.C. Tiwari Acted as a First Dean of This College. It started its journey since 2009. This Institute is Developing as Biggest Centre for Improving The Teaching Activity as Well as for Higher Quality Health Facality For The People of Entire Bundelkhand Region. Sagar is Located Approx 2oo Km Away From Bhopal.

BMC , Sagar is the symbol of fulfillment of dream of the M.P Government. In november 2007 Govt. of M.P. decided to start a new medical college for the people of Bundelkhand. Honorable Chief Minister of M.P. Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan and honorable Minister of Medical education Dr Gori Shanker Shejwar decided to start this project.

Available Facility



Excellent Faculty

Courses Offered


  1. Anaethesiology

2          Anatomy           3          Biochemistry    4          Community Medicine   5          ENT

6          Forensic Medicine       7          Gynaecology    8          Medicine          9          Microbiology    10            Ophthalmology

11        Orthopaedics   12        Pathology         13        Pediatrics         14        Pharmacology

15        Physiology       16        Psychiatry

17        Radiology         18        Surgery

Contact Details:

Administration Office

Bundelkhand Medical College,
Sagar Shivaji Ward
Tili Road
Sagar (Madhya Pradesh)

Tel.: +91 7582-236455
Fax.: +91 7582-236270
Email: deansmc08(at)

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