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NEETΒ 2017 college predictor is the tool by which candidate can know their expected colleges where they will get chance for admission. It is generated based on the previous year allotment result at what rank which college and programmes were allotted. NEET 2017 College Predictor helps candidates to know what probable Medical or Dental colleges they will get on the basis ofΒ NEET 2017 Result.

NEET 2017 College Predictor also gives information related to cut off trend of particular colleges whether they have gone up, down or remain constant.

Significance of NEET 2017 College Predictor

NEET 2017 college predictor helps to get complete guidance. Through NEET 2017 college predictor candidate can know counselling procedure, seat selection, choice locking, knowing cut off trends, etc.
It gives Overall Result i.e expected colleges which candidates can get on the basis of rank in NEET 2017 both medical and dental.
Complete assistance and guidance to candidates for admission till the final round of NEET Counselling.
Premium news & alerts related on latest happenings and changes during counselling and admission procedure.
To know chances to get an admission in your desired colleges.
Information on cut off trends whether it has Gone Up, Down or are similar to previous year.

How to use NEET 2017 College Predictor

NEET 2017 college predictor is a user friendly machinery. Steps to use college is mentioned below.
Firstly, NEET 2017 College Predictor candidates have to log in through their Facebook or Google account.
Secondly, login candidates have to enter their NEET 2017 Rank, roll number, category and branch preference and then click on apply button.
Lastly, result page will be displayed which will have information related to probable medical college and course candidates on the basis NEET 2017 Rank.

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